Staying at GVK9


Boarding and Daycare

When we say built from the dog up we mean it! GVK9 is an all inclusive dog resort. Our goal is to provide your dog the greatest day, every day! Whether your best friend is here for boarding or daycare, the experience and access to all of our amenities is included. Speaking of amenities, here is the really fun stuff!

GVK9 features:


  • 17,000 square feet of indoor hotel space.
  • 44,000 square feet of fully fenced outdoor green space.
  • Large indoor play space.
  • 20 x 20 pool
  • 90 custom built suites spread out over three separate boarding wings. 
  • Standard rooms are 5 x 7 with family suites up to 9 x 12.
  • All rooms feature a window to the outside for natural light. 
  • The custom suite doors allow in light yet keep the suite private and quiet. 
  • All suites feature textured non slip flooring. 
  • Guests are provided a Kuranda bed with soft fleece cover to provide ultimate comfort. 
  • Each boarding wing has soft LED lighting throughout. 
  • Fresh quiet airflow to keep the atmosphere relaxed.
  • 24/7 staffing and access to veterinary care.

One of our three boarding wings is dedicated exclusively to dogs under 30 pounds. Yes, we thought about the comfort of our smaller guests! Smaller sized beds with the same fleece covering are provided for a truly custom boarding experience. 

We tailor your dogs daily activities to their own personality and temperament. Activities include:

  • Group play.
  • One on one play with staff .
  • Private walks.
  • Games of fetch in our park. 
  • Pool time.
  • Or, maybe your pup prefers to just hanging out and snuggle with a staff member, we have that too! No matter what, we have something for everyone! 

Some of the most important design aspects of GVK9 you may never notice or see. We designed our facility to be as efficient as possible. So, in a nutshell, that means that our staff can spend the most amount of time giving the best experience to you and your best friend!



Luxury private suites and customized activities. 

$48.00 / Night

Late check out fee: $35 after 11 AM.

Multi dog discount: 

25% for any additional dogs that can share the same suite.


All day activities with a private suite for breaks and naps. 

Full Day


Half Day (6 hours or less)


Multi dog discount:

10% off for any additional dogs that can share the same suite.

Daycare Package Options:

15 day:

$446.00 ($29.73 per day)

30 day:

$840.00 ($28.00 per day)

60 day:

$1,500.00 ($25.00 per day)

90 day:

$2,070.00  ($23.00 per day)

How do i book my dogs stay

Schedule Your Tour

A tour is recommended for all new guests. This is where we meet you and take you through the entire facility. After this we will set your pup up with their complimentary trial day of daycare! We will happily answer your questions and ensure your dog is a great fit! 

Tours must be scheduled in advance*

Provide vaccinations and health records

Vaccinations required for GVK9 are:

  • Current Rabies
  • Yearly Bordatella (Kennel Cough)

*Owners are responsible for keeping dogs up to date on all shots and providing updated records as need.

Checking in/Dropping off

Boarding :

Check in is 6:00 AM - 7:00 PM

Check out is before 11:00 AM


Desk opens at 6:00 AM

Pickup before 8:00 PM

Desk Closes at 8:00 PM

What do I bring?

Please bring your dogs food. If you have a specific scoop that you use that's great! 

During check in we will go over feeding amounts and instructions to confirm.

Any medications and medical issues will be discussed during your tour. Please be aware that dogs with severe medical issues are subject to manager approval for boarding, as we are not a medical boarding facility.

Any required medications must arrive in their original containers and include instructions regarding dosage amount and times for administration. We cannot accept medications mixed with food.

*We will not be able to administer any inject-able medications, including insulin. 

Dog Beds and Toys

All guests are provided a raised dog bed with soft fleece cover. In addition you may bring a shirt with your family scent and a few durable toys like Kongs or Nylabones. 

*Toys or bedding may be removed if determined to be a safety issue for the dog.

Let the fun begin!

Knowing that your dog is in our expert care, you can rest assured that they are having the best day, every day.

Get Started!

Be ahead of the pack and download your Welcome Packet today!

Signed waiver is required at first drop-off.

Please keep all files for your records to reference.

Welcome Packet w/ waiver (pdf)


Front Desk Hours

Boarding :

Check in begins at 6:00 AM

Check out before 11:00 AM


Desk opens at 6:00 AM

Pickup before 8:00 PM

Desk Closes at 8:00 PM